Intimacy Director, Coordinator and Choreographer

An award nominated actor and director Amanda Liz has been active in both professional and semi-professional theatre, Film and Television for 22+ years. Amanda has worked as an actor advocate and Intimacy choreographer/coordinator for the last 6 years and is currently an Intimacy Director with IDI-UK and an apprentice with IDI- USA. She has a variety of certifications to qualify her in the field among them basic firearms for film, stage combat and mental health first aid. Amanda works internationally assisting in creating safe workplaces for artists on both stage and film sets. She is one of the few Intimacy Directors that also specializes in youth intimacy and safety. Currently, Amanda is in the process of creating a physical movement lexicon for Intimacy which hopefully will be published by 2021.

Reference Quotes:

"Working with Amanda, the first thing you notice is how she is able to bring a friendly, safe, yet professional energy to the set. Amanda was able to ease worries and nerves in the most trusting, safe way possible, always taking the time to make sure we were both feeling safe and comfortable. She has set the bar for the level of professionalism, trust, and safety I hope to have on my future projects." - Marcus William ( I hate Hamlet)

"She took the time to thoroughly explain her ideas about how she envisioned the scene playing out. but was sure to check in on our comfort levels throughout the process. She also made an effort to listen to us, as actors, and incorporated our ideas and impulses in the choreography of the scene"- Shelby Nicole (Sex with Strangers)

"I landed my first lead movie role at 16, originally the directors wanted an 18 year old actor as the part required scenes that required a lot of emotion. During filming, I was having difficulties getting to a place where I could give them the crying / emotions that they required, so Amanda made herself available to me – and she talked me though it – helping me give the best performance I could." - Jaslyn Collis (Feature Film)

"She looked out for me and when they wanted me to do something I wasn’t comfortable with Amanda fought for me. She worked with them to make sure they had the scene they needed but that I was kept safe and found a solution that worked for everyone. " - Jaslyn Collis ( Feature Film)