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Genesis: The Mary Shelley Play (12) Director DIY/ACT Theatre/Edinburgh Fringe 2019
A Midsummer Nights Dream Director Canmore Summer Theatre Festival
Cock Intimacy Director A.C.T. Theatre
Lo(or Dear Mr. Wells) Intimacy Director Neptune Theatre
Calendar Girls (Photo Shoot) Intimacy Chorographer Neptune Theatre
Then the lights went out Intimacy Chorographer Pinetree Players
Thin Man Asst. Director Vertigo Theatre/ Persephone Theatre
Romeo & Juliet (11) Director/Co-Intimacy Directedr Canmore Summer Theatre Festival
I Hate Hamlet Intimacy Chorographer/ Set Design Pinetree Players
Freak show Director/Co- Intimacy Chorographer A/MAZE
Alice in Wonderland Opera Director/ Chorographer Cowtown Opera
Sex With Strangers Director Mentor/ Intimacy Chorographer Theatre Canmore
The Diary of Anne Frank Director/Co-Intimacy Chorographer Pine Tree Players
Haunted House Hamlet Tour* (Western Canada & European Tour) Director/ Co-Intimacy Chorographer Theatre Canmore, A.C.T Theatre, The Marlborough, Amaze
Genesis: The Mary Shelley Play (10) Director/ Co-Intimacy Chorographer Attic Players/ DIY Theatre
Romeo & Juliet Adapted/Directed/ Intimacy Chorographer Pendley Shakespeare Festival
Sex With Strangers (Canadian Premiere) Director/ Intimacy Chorographer DIY Player (Attic)
Alice’s’ Wonderland (7) Writer/ Director Pine Tree Players & TCS
Ella (Cinderella Opera) Director/ Chorographer Michelle Minke/Cowtown Opera
The Diary of Anne Frank Director/ Intimacy Chorographer A.C.T. Theatre
Arden of Favorsham Fight Chorographer/Performer/Producer Christopher Weddell
Love Potion #9 Asst. Director/Producer/Chorographer Aria Umezawa/Cowtown Opera
Spring Awakening The musical (5) Director/Producer/Intimacy Chorographer A.C.T. Theatre
Peter Pan Asst. Director JP Thibadeau/StoryBook Theatre
The Last 5 Years (4) Asst. Director Mark Bellamy/StoryBook Theatre
The Collective Cabaret Director A.C.T. Theatre
The Boiler Room Suite Director A.C.T. Theatre
The Shape of A Girl (6) Director A.C.T. Theatre
The Apple Kingdom (1) Asst. Director/Chorographer Eric Pettifor/A.C.T. Theatre & Calgary Fringe
The Diary of Anne Frank (3) Director Sean Anderson/Morpheous Theatre
The Lonely Soldier Monologues Ass. Director/Ensemble lead/Chorographer Eric Pettifor/A.C.T. Theatre
Rel8shun (2) Director A.C.T. Theatre
Frankenstein The Musical Director Consultant Bryan Smith/Cappuccino Theatre
Salvage Costumer Aaron Conrad/Scorpio Theatre
Richard the III ASM/ Costumer Richard Kenyon/TSC
Macbeth Costumer/Performer Val Planche/TSC
Frankenstein Fight Director/Performer Ron Clark
Game Of Thrones Prequel Pilot Intimacy Coordinatior HBO
The Bold Type (Season 5) ep. 403, 404 Intimacy Coordinatior NBC/Universal
A Teacher (Season 1 ep. 1,2,3) Intimacy Consultant
The Magicians (Season 5) Ep. 501,502 Intimacy Coordinatior NBC/Universal
Motherland: Fort Salem (Season 1) Ep. 1004 Intimacy Coordinatior Freeform Productions
Upload (Season 1) Intimacy Coordinatior Reunion Upload Productions
Canmore Town (Web Series) ep.5, 14 & 15 Intimacy Coordinatior
Breathe (TV Pilot and Short Film) (8) Co-Director/Writer/Intimacy/Violence Coach Collective Artists’ Productions
Nostalgia (Short Film) (9) Director/ Writer/ Intimacy/Violence Coach Collective Artists’ Productions
Interstellar Chaperon/ Child Actor Advocate Paramount Pictures
Klondike Mini series Chaperon/Child Actor Advocate Nomadic Pictures
Cor Values Casting Director/Assistant Director/Producer/Actor Advocate Sony Pictures/Rayjax Media
Drop-in Center Web/TV Commercial Actor/Child Advocate/ Violence Coordinator
Zombie Apocalypse Apartment 14 F Casting Director/Actor Advocate Mind Engine Entertainment
John 316 Casting Associate Mind Engine Entertainment
Breaking Spirits Child Actor Advocate & Violence coordinator (Specific scene) Mind Engine Entertainment
HGL BloodMania Casting Director HGL Inc.
Scared Stiff Casting Director Watson Ent.
(1) Won Calgary One Act Festival, Best
Director, Overall Production, Female Actor
(5) Nominated for 7 awards Calgary Critic Awards (Director, Actor & Actress, Featured Actor& Actress, Overall Production of a musical) (9) Won for Best Actor in various ages & ensemble, & music MIC Awards
(2) Nominated: Overall production, New Script, Director, Actor, Supporting Actor (6) Awarded Best Actress Joey Awards (10) Listed as one of the top 10 Theatre show for Calgary 2017/2018 season
(3) Nominate 34 times in multiple Categories including Best Director, Actors, overall production (won best sound design) CATS Awards (7) Won best ensemble (MICs Awards) (11) Nominated for Best Actor/Actress/ensemble *upcomming
(4) Nominated for best actress won Best Actor. (8) Won for best ensemble Joey Awards (12) Won Best overseas Production and Best individual Performance Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019
Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, England (Classical intensivet raining)
Renaissance Period Dancing- Darren Royston
Beginner Fight or Stage- RADA
Introduction to Intimacy Direction- Intimacy Directors
International- Siobhan Richardson
Directing workshop- Simon Mallett
Mount Royal University Theatre Arts Program Speech Arts completed in First class honors Royal Conservatory, England-Grant Patterson
Voice -Trinity College- England 8 years of classical singing – Judith Lebane & 4 years musical theatre voice training (range above high C) – Stan Cane
Dialect Coaching- David LeReaney/ Speech Arts- Grant Patterson 6 years of dance study (Jazz, Tap, and Ballet)
Conflict resolution Training, Sensitivity Training, Emergency First Aid and de-fib (WJA airline), St. Johns Certified in Stage fighting, Quarterstaff, Fencing – J.P. Fournier & Puppetry Basics- Mermaid Theatre